SafeOp Surgical Provides Innovative Monitoring Tools
SafeOp Surgical Provides Innovative Monitoring Tools
SafeOp Surgical, Inc
SafeOp Surgical, Inc

Company History

SafeOp Surgical, Inc. was formed in 2011 to fill the need for focused cost effective neuro-monitoring and particularly for detection of peripheral nerve damage caused by nerve compression, ischemia or stretching during surgery.  This injury may occur due to patient positioning (sometimes referred to as Positioning Effect) or surgical wound traction.


While many surgeries can benefit from neuromonitoring for detection of both peripheral and central nervous system injuries, it is typically restricted to surgeries of the head, neck, brain and spine . SafeOp's goal was to develop a simple, low cost and easy to use portable system that would allow caregivers to extend the benefits neuromonitoring outside these procedures and  easily detect abnormalities in nervous system function including those due to positioning.


The result of years of development is the innovative EPAD device. The EPAD entered the market in late 2016.


SafeOp has been capitalized by Tullis Health Investors and CF Capital Management.


In March 2018 SafeOp was purchased by Alphatec Holdings.


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