SafeOp Surgical Provides Innovative Monitoring Tools
SafeOp Surgical Provides Innovative Monitoring Tools
SafeOp Surgical, Inc
SafeOp Surgical, Inc


We believe intraoperative neuromonitoring should be available to everyone.


Attended and supervised intraoperative neuromonitoring (“IONM”) is the gold standard for detecting nerve damage in surgical procedures that present a direct risk to the central nervous system (brain & spine surgery). IONM involves the real-time assessment of nerve function during surgery by both a technician and a neurologist.


During IONM, a technician sets up multiple electrodes including needle electrodes on the patient’s wrists, ankles, head and shoulders.  Nerves are stimulated with small electrical pulses during surgery and monitoring devices track how the resultant nerve impulses are transmitted through the nerves.


These waveforms are tracked by the technician and a supervising neurologist. If abnormalities are detected, the surgeon is notified and can adjust their surgical approach, thus avoiding more serious and permanent nerve damage. IONM offers reduction in surgical risk by providing critical information and alerts to surgeons indicating potential harm or compromise to the spinal cord or neural structures.


IONM is practical for surgeries with a high risk of central nervous system injury such spine and brain surgery, but is not typically provided or reimbursed in other lower risk surgical cases where it is less cost-efficient.  Lack of personnel can also limit availability. Consequently, IONM is not utilized in the majority of surgical procedures.  The risk of nerve injury remains, however, creating the need for a simple to use cost-effective intraoperative monitoring tool that can conduct somatosensory testing when that is all that is required. This is SafeOp’s goal.


What you might be used to:

  • large equipment
  • wired connections from headbox to monitoring computer
  • needle electrodes
  • focus on cortical potentials that are anesthetic sensitive
  • many needle electrode leads coming from patient
  • rudimentary automated alerting
  • any modality monitoring
  • technologist dependent setup
  • no HL7 integration
  • expensive and complex


What the SafeOp EPAD offers:

  • compact equipment
  • wireless connections from headbox to monitoring tablet
  • surface electrodes
  • focus on subcortical potentials that are anesthetic resistant
  • integrated cabeling running to th epatient
  • robust alerting
  • focused modality for specific case use
  • simple setup in pre-op
  • inexpensive and easy to use


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