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SafeOp Surgical Provides Innovative Monitoring Tools
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Publication Links for Perioprative Nerve Injury and Residual Paralysis

EPAD Related Papers


1. The EPAD was presented in an abstract at the 2016 International Anesthesia Research Society regarding SSEP for Cardiac Surgery
Murkin, J et al. Western Ontario Univ. Schulich School of Medicine
Summary:This pilot study with diagnostic electromyography follow up shows “efficacy and ease of use” of the EPAD and correlation of persistent SSEP changes with post operative symptoms and signs in 2 out of 17 patients. A randomized blinded clinical trial is under way.


Research Abstract from IARS
Adobe Acrobat document [506.5 KB]

4. The EPAD was presented at the International Anesthesia Research Society in 2017 for use in Shoulder Arthroplasty and prevention of brachial plexus injury.

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